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June 30, 2022

Certa Launches Next Evolution of Third-Party Risk Management Amid Record Supply Chain Disruption

Today we announce the release of Studio 2.0, a new version of our industry-leading no-code workflow design product, to help businesses more effectively navigate and overcome supply chain disruptions.


Amid ongoing globalization challenges, record inflation and a looming recession, procurement teams need speed and flexibility to adapt to market changes. Studio 2.0 equips you with exactly that -- enabling procurement to rapidly onboard new suppliers, optimize compliance, and manage risk in a more flexible manner, without any IT bottlenecks.


“The COVID-19 pandemic and war between Russia and Ukraine have proven that interconnectedness comes with great vulnerability. Governments are requiring greater hygiene with rules and regulations that make international business relations harder than ever. As a result, companies are confronted with compliance challenges and are quickly reorganizing their supply chains,” said Jag Lamba, founder, and CEO of Certa. “Certa enables businesses to overcome today’s market complexity and manage the entire supplier  lifecycle at scale – from quickly onboarding and ensuring compliance, to continuously monitoring risk and ESG rankings. Throughout the global chaos, we’ve seen too many businesses playing catch up because IT couldn't respond to their needs fast enough. Studio 2.0  solves this problem by enabling business users  to quickly and easily change business processes and onboard new partners.”


According to recent research from Forrester, 87% percent of procurement decision-makers recognize the importance of accelerating their response to the ever-changing market. However, as procurement teams tackle the reorganization of supply chains, the burden of onboarding, managing compliance, and mitigating risk is heavier than ever. Supplier onboarding and partner management has become an organization’s first line of defense against growing security concerns, new regulations, and volatile consumer demands. Certa is a lifeline for businesses who need to quickly partner with new suppliers in the wake of global changes, regulations and skyrocketing costs. Our enhanced capabilities with this new release empower businesses to easily manage compliance through a constantly evolving supplier landscape, all while mitigating the inherent risk that comes along with market fluctuation and volatility. In a time where trusted partners have never been more critical, Studio 2.0 allows businesses to be more agile and informed than ever before.


“Plenty of people used to lump procurement professionals into the contract negotiation arm of the business. But, over the last several years, the profession has evolved to encompass the responsibility of identifying, tracking and monitoring how global macroeconomic trends will impact an individual company’s supply chain. What I love about Certa is that it has evolved with me, and with the procurement profession as a whole,” said Linda Chuan, Head of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Operations at Box. “What was once being used as a multi-parallel approval solution is now being implemented to include sanction and financial risk checking of my suppliers. This kind of functionality can only come from a company that is not only flexible, but highly aware of what is happening in both our marketplace, and around the world.”


Studio 2.0 is the next generation of our no-code platform, allowing users greater flexibility with new modules, clear visibility into process dependencies, and a more responsive, drag-and-drop interface that all business users can navigate to significantly reduce the timeline and level of effort required to create a customized solution.    


Studio 2.0 is now available to new and current clients. Learn more about Studio 2.0!

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